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Compare the two primary services for the delivery of medication to care homes

We are pleased to be able to offer all our clients the choice of which medication system they would like to use.

We are happy to be able to provide both of the leading dispensing systems from Biodose and Nomad, and will work closly with you in providing the most suitable system for your particular situation.

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Biodose, the world's first Total Medication Management System (ToMM), allows for the first time ever, the ability to dispense and monitor liquid and solid oral medications together.

  • Individually sealable & removable medicine pods with a 28-pod tray
  • Tray film used to cover trays and seal each individual pod
  • Fully customised Patient Packs (containing one or two trays)
  • Built-in MRSA protection
  • Can be used to take oral solids and liquids

A Biodose pod

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Nomad MDS

The Nomad® Monitored Dosage System is designed for use in the care and residential home environment to streamline the procedures associated with the medication rounds.

  • A combination of insert tray and seal protects the medication
  • Supplied with clear and precise details of all medication within
  • Can be easily rendered tamper evident
  • Easy storage
  • Can hold up to 7 days worth of medication for up to 6 doses per day.

Nomad hoops

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